Empowering Communities Safehand Interio Completes11500 sqft 10 Offices within just 25 Days

"Empowering Communities: Safehand Interio Completes11500 sqft 10 Offices within just 25 Days"

Nov 8,2023

We are thrilled to share with you that we have achieved a remarkable milestone of completing a total of 11500 sqft of work across 10 remote sites in Gujarat within an impressive timeframe of just 25 days. Our team at Safehand Interio successfully executed the project from scratch, starting with site measurement and planning, and delivered the sites to our esteemed partner, Bajaj Finserv. As a prominent NBFC brand in India, Bajaj Finserv celebrated Diwali by expanding its network to remote areas. They inaugurated 10 new Bajaj Finance offices in just 25 days, to provide financial services to underserved regions and empower individuals with easy access to loans and insurance. This project has had a positive impact on the community by contributing to overall development and empowering individuals. Irrespective of the challenges faced, we are grateful to our team of experienced interior designers and project managers at Safehand Interio, who worked tirelessly to ensure timely delivery and high-quality workmanship. Safehand Interio is a leading interior design solution provider that offers end-to-end interior design and execution services for offices and commercial spaces. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of our clients, and we ensure that they are budget-friendly.